MCB is a young company born in 1996 from the experience of several professionals who had been operating in the power electronic field for many years.

The company goal is to offer innovative and personalized solutions, with a fair price and tailored to customers’ needs.

Thanks to the constant evolution in the market, the company has developed various ideas and solutions that are now well-known in their reference markets.

The company is characterized by a small R&D department (backed up by external professionals) and by a constant activity of counseling.

From 2005 and on, MCB quality is certified by ISO9001.


Market areas

Engine Test

By powering the engine with the generator, it is possible to test it at several frequencies.


Ground power supply for aircrafts at 400Hz


Frequency and voltage converters to power the watercraft from the dock.

Research Labs

Powering of professional and high-precision devices for electro-medical applications and for illuminating engineering.

Measure and Regulatory Labs

Frequency and voltage converters to power electric devices for regulatory testing.


Variation of the supply voltage for the certification of opening and closing times of electric valves.

Water Treatment

DC power supply for osmosis filters and AC power supply for ozone generators (water and air treatment)

Household Electrical Appliances

Power supply of household electrical appliances  on the production line for final tests.